ARTIST: NAS PROJECT: THE LOST TAPES PRODUCER: PRECISION “Turnin’ nothin’ into somethin’ is God work, and you get nothin’ without struggle and hard wok” Just cause you were born with the odds stacked against you doesn’t mean you must stay confined in the chains society has placed upon you. Put the work in for what […]
ARTIST: PNB Rock SOURCE: RNB 3  Out of sight , Out of mind, that’s just it , bottom line You see who fuck with you and who love you when you doing time  If they can’t see you then they aren’t thinking about you. They say they got your back to your face but as […]
ARTIST: VINCE STAPLES PROJECT: SUMMERTIME ’06 We love our neighborhood, so all my brothers bang the hood I never vote for presidents, the presidents that change the hood Is dead and green We love the streets that we were born on so much that we believe that we must protect them at all cost. Some […]
ARTIST: JAY Z PROJECT: MAGNA CARTA HOLY GRAIL “Don’t be good my nigga, be great After that government cheese, we eating steak After the projects, now we on estates I’m from the bottom, I know y’all can relate“   Coming up, Jay taught a lot us of how a boss should move. Regardless of our […]
ARTIST: Kanye West SOURCE: 808’S & HEARTBREAKS [ALBUM] No more wasting time, you can’t wait for life You’ve ever wanted something so bad that that’s all you think about? The downside of that is that we’re just waiting for something to happen instead of making it happen. We must not overload ourselves with just the […]
ARTIST: Ice Cube SOURCE: War and Peace Vol. 2 I got to deal with this wall of confusion, world of illusions Moving through life with a bit of confusion is normal. Not everyone has life figured out but eventually you’ll have to pick up the pieces. The main thing is not staying in a negative […]
ARTIST: The Weeknd SOURCE: Dedication 5 “Everything I said I’d do I did, I’m good” Whatever it is that you have your mind set on make sure you make it a priority to get it done. To be an individual who talks more than what they do would be an inactive move on your end. […]
PRODUCED BY: Hudson Mohawke & Kanye West PROJECT: M.N.I.M.N (My Name Is My Name) “Got rich selling hope to the hopeless But I’m a thinker, methodic in my motives I motivate to put my niggas into motors” Drugs create a euphoric high that allows you to get away from the reality you’re facing. Now do […]