Seemingly, ever since Soulja Boy bursted into the scene back in 2007 with “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” the game of rap was forever changed. Like it or not, Soulja Boy is the reason blowing up through the internet is possible. Rappers from Chance the Rapper to MadeinTYO have all had their success sky rocketed after SoundCloud success. It seems more and more, album success isn’t seen from a whole project viewpoint, but rather the amount of success from the singles within. If you have one banger in your project, it could save your life, remember that.

So you want to know who’s next up in the rap game without doing the work of filtering through your SoundCloud stream? Don’t worry, Daily Gems has your back. Below is a list of up and coming artists that we hope are bound to find success sooner or later. First up…

Stone Da Gawd

Straight from Flatbush, Stone Da Gawd deserves your attention. I first found out about Stone Da Gawd through Dyemond Lewis when they collaborated on a track called “Lights, Camera, Action” and I was blown away with this unorthodox, come at you style and flow. With a small catalogue so far with only really 2 tracks under his belt, we hope for more and look forward to seeing him come up with a strong New York rap scene. Check out “Get It Done” by Stone Da Gawd below.

Clairmont The Second

Canada has not stopped producing talent these last couple years. From the way it’s looking, I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. Clairmont The Second is ready to join the rest of Toronto’s rise to fame and is hungry to claim the throne in due time. Recently, he got word that Chance the Rapper has his album and the ball is in Chance’s park to do what he wants with that. But let me put the ball in your park and put you on. Check out “Quest for Milk and Honey” below and share it to get Clairmont The Second the clout deserved.

Rocky Banks

YESSUH! This list wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include Houston based rapper, Rocky Banks. Back in late 2015, Rocky Banks dropped “In Other News I Don’t Do Drugs Anymore” and took music blogs by storm with standout track “A Lot.” Gaining comparisons to Kendrick Lamar based on his delivery and sound, but don’t let that cage his potential. Rocky Banks has the potential to be whatever his mind puts it’s effort to. Listen to his latest release, “Funny Guy” below and let him know on Twitter @therockybanks what you think! #TrustInBanko

Who else am I missing? Let us know any we should’ve added and touched in on.