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    ArizonaMarty Brings Lyricism and Musicality with “A to Z”

    ArizonaMarty is a fresh breath of air in hip hop. With unique concepts, clever wordplay, and natural musicality, his newest project Human Element sets him apart from the millions of clone rappers flooding the industry.

    As an artist, ArizonaMarty’s creativity oozes out of him. From his social media to his ability to design his own graphics and lyric videos, Arizona Marty is in a league all his own. The lead single from his project is called “A to Z”. “A to Z,” tells a story and paints pictures with every bar while still providing an upbeat and joyful anthem to his own come up in and out of music. Comparable only to top-tier lyricists and fellow creatives Tierra Whack, Vince Staples, and Kendrick Lamar, Arizona Marty uses “A to Z” as a showcase for his ability to fit a multilayered concept into a single bar. 

    ArizonaMarty is able to keep the listener’s attention by bringing variety to each verse and creating a catchy hook that ties the song together. “A to Z” is able to combine elements of pain and triumph and creates a song that will uplift you on your difficult days and inspire you to push harder on days where you already feel limitless.


    Stream Human Element Below:

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