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    Clay “Krucial” Perry III is an engineer turned artist out of Memphis with an original sound. Daily Gems spoke with Krucial about his upcoming project “If We Must Die”, his journey as an artist, and his advice to those trying to make it in the industry.

    How has being an engineer shaped you as an artist? Do you feel like you’re influenced by the artist you’ve worked with?
    Clay “Krucial” Perry III: I think it overall made me a better artist. The connections I made being an engineer helped a lot. As far as being influenced by the artist I’ve engineered for, not at all. One thing I did pick up was freestyling and punching in. Prior to working with artists all I knew was writing. I started freestyling after watching artists’ records.

    How did you start rapping?
    C.K.P: It’s all I ever wanted to do. When I was a kid I played instruments like the violin and saxophone. I’m from Memphis and no one out there sounds like me so I had to find a way to make shit cool and when I did everyone was feeling it.


    There is a lot of versatility to your sound. What influences you as an artist that allows you to capture different sounds and emotions?
    C.K.P: As far as being able to hit different tones, I had a weird background. In Memphis, everybody was growing up listening to the Three 6 Mafia-type sound. I grew up on Kanye, Farside, Kid Cudi so i took that and i put it all in the pot and made myself. I was also influenced by Marvin Gaye, Wiz Khalifa, and older music by ASAP Rocky.

    What were the influences for the current project “If We Must Die”? What was it like working with some of the featured artists on the project like Trippie Redd and BlocBoy JB?
    C.K.P: The title of my project is “If We Must Die” and it’s from a poem I read when I was in College in an African American history class a poem by Claude McKay. Basically, it’s about your back on the wall and you just gotta keep fighting and that’s my story as an artist.

    It was great working with the other artists on the project. I know BlocBoy JB from being his engineer. I’m still BlocBoy JB’s engineer so that’s how the situation came about with him.

    What do you think about the current trends (autotune, drill, etc.) in rap? What stands out about your style and defines you as an artist?
    C.K.P: The trends can get played out from time to time. Everybody is using autotune, everybody singing, ain’t nobody talking about shit. It’s not resonating. People like it for a while but it’s not sticking. I would say just being transparent and truthful. None of it is made up it’s not fictitious I’m not talking about what I don’t know. I talk about what I’m doing from where I come from. My favorite artist is Marvin Gaye. That’s where I gained inspiration for the transparency, the truth, and the emotional content in my music.

    Drop a Gem. Any advice to other artists?
    C.K.P: Rule number 1 don’t go broke real talk and Rule number 2 it sounds cliche but keep working.

    We can’t wait to see what else Clay “Krucial” Perry III drops this year.

    Stream “If We Must Die” below:

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