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    Daniyel Wants Everyone To Know “IT’S OK”

    It’s been a weird past couple of years spanning from late 2019 to now in the early stages of 2021. We’ve seen artists use different methods to push their music across various platforms such as TikTok, Triller, etc. This is because with the ongoing pandemic the whole world is going through, artists had to say goodbye to live crowds for the time being. Live shows were a great way for artists to not only support themselves through ticket sales but also was means to connect with their fans through their music. Finding new ways to connect with fans all across the world isn’t easy, but it’s something that Daniyel struck gold with through his viral video on TikTok. We were first intrigued with the sound of a ukulele, the pure soul, and willingness to be open with people he doesn’t know. But that’s the risks an artist takes to connect with even just one person.

    Portland’s own, Daniyel, also known as THEKOSHERBOY, first garnered attention with his first viral single, LOST ONES, that’s amassed over 1 million streams on Spotify to date. Now after a long anticipated rollout he’s back with a soon to be hit record, IT’S OK, that’s not only a hit as the song alone, but the visuals provided with the single perfectly compliment one another. Directed by Andy Folio, the feeling we get from this video is just a bunch of friends together having the time of their lives. In a time of such uncertainty and doubt, it’s easy to forget to take a step back and appreciate the times we have together as friends and family.

    Released under Cor/Tan Records which houses artists such as JUMEX, Payday, AG Club, and Juto. All whom have bright futures in their own right. As well as distributed through EMPIRE, we see that Daniyel is taking all the right steps towards the spotlight. We are excited for what’s to come from Daniyel going forward. Take a look at the KOSHERBOY’s hit single IT’S OK down below.



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