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    Sunny Days With Yasmin: Daylight/Savings in Review

    In just under eight minutes, Yasmin’s Daylight/Savings takes listeners on a journey that explores her self-defined ideas of victory, encouragement, and the brighter days that are ahead.

    A beautiful follow-up from her previous EP Of Love and Death, Yasmin steps to the plate and delivers a piece of work that works itself out to be a manifesto of self-love and inner peace. After sitting with the EP over the last few days, on repeat, finding the right words to describe her eloquence is difficult, but the music speaks for itself. She takes ownership over the sampled beats and not only makes them her own but creates space for her own musical aesthetic within the EP.

    The four-song project, released this past Saturday, is a collection of previously released songs revamped to Yamin’s liking. Her effortlessness on each of the tracks is not to be mistaken for a lack of effort but instead showcases her dedication to crafting a specific art form that is a product of the work she puts in. Her whimsical voice and aesthetic allow for an easily digestible piece of work that plays seamlessly in any setting.

    Yasmin posing in her parent’s backyard in her hometown of Paterson, NJ.

    To live life like it is something to cherish, with a level of carefreeness that can only be achieved by focusing on one’s inner peace is the theme of the EP’s intro track Golden. Yasmin describes Golden as a song about “being happy and carefree and creating a lifestyle where everything looks and feels Golden because internally I truly felt like a golden person.” Her golden character comes to life through the affirmations she disguises as lyrics, and she does not allow the Jill Scott sample to drive the heart of the song; instead, Yasmin utilizes her own vocal inflections and the track’s heavy bass to redefine the production.

    Daylight/Savings closes out with a soulful take on the beat of Esther Phillips’, 1974 song, That’s All Right With Me. Yasmin’s contemporary vocals and reflections are the basis of the track as she pays homage to the classic. Slow is the perfect outro that leaves us wanting more with just enough to cover all bases. Yasmin’s testament that her voice is a healing tool comes to fruition as sings with vulnerability, “in hopes of saving,” those who listen to her music. With the effortlessness presented throughout the entire EP, it is impossible to not enjoy the unique and earnest sounds that Yasmin brings to the table on Daylight/Savings.

    As we close out the summer, Yasmin’s release of Daylight/Savings comes at a perfect time. Golden, Amor Inmenso, Sunny Days, and Slow all serve as a soundtrack to our summer close-out as we transition into fall. Daylight/Savings is only a peek into her capabilities as an artist, and it is only right that we keep up with Yasmin on this journey as she moves throughout life to the brighter days ahead.

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