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    Diamond Qing Is a Viral Sensation from Harlem Who is Here to Stay

    Diamond Qing is a viral sensation from Harlem that is slated to take over the industry within the next year. After recently signing to Throne Music, Diamond Qing is proving she is here to stay. Representing the younger generation of women coming up in the music industry, Diamond Qing has a unique style all her own and undeniable star quality. Daily Gems recently had the pleasure of meeting Diamond Qing and discussed her beginnings in music as well as her aspirations in the years to come.


    Isa Wong: Can you tell us how you got started as an artist?

    Diamond Qing: I started as an artist 9 months ago. I started writing freestyles 2 years ago. I started rapping along to a Nicki Minaj song. I had a thing for writing growing up. I used to express myself through words so when I sat down to write a freestyle it was super easy.


    IW: How do you feel about the speed of your success in music?

    DQ: Unbelievable. I personally feel like my music is good when I put it out I expect it to do okay, but numbers started going crazy. “Bluff” hit a million and it’s mind-blowing to think of. It feels like it happened overnight, and then I can’t fully grasp what’s happened. It’s been super fast, but good. I don’t feel like I’m working too much, I don’t feel overwhelmed. 


    IW: Who are some of your influences?

    DQ: Nicki Minaj, female artists I would definitely say, Missy Eliot. Her artistry is out of this world. When I was really young, it was Missy Elliot who I was listening to the beats that she chose the videos. Nicki is another one the beats that she chooses, the flows, the visuals. I love when artists can do a bunch of different things


    IW: Recently there has been a rise in the number of women in the music industry. Do you feel there is too much competition as an up-and-coming artist?

    DQ: I’m happy with the turnout of rap. I love that women have the platform in the rap world now. Cardi got her grammy, Megan got her grammy. I don’t look at anyone as competition. I do my own thing. I don’t watch what anyone else is doing. I’m happy for everyone. The fact that women are taking over now is the reason I have an opportunity. 


    IW: Tell us about your creative process.

    DQ: A bar will pop up and I write it in my notes and go off of that. When I let myself just talk my shit or a beat is presented, I don’t know how to explain it but the song forms itself. The beat is telling you what it needs. You have a moment just in the studio vibing, not having a song in mind, listening, and going through beats. I just focus on the beat I vibe with.


    IW: What are some of the challenges you face as a female artist in the music industry?

    DQ: I haven’t faced any challenges not saying challenges won’t come everything has been smooth sailing. Everyone I work with is easy to work with and we just vibe. I have a strong team I haven’t faced any challenges. It’s been easy for me and I’m just enjoying it.  


    IW: What are some of your dreams and aspirations as an artist?

    DQ: As far as working with other artists, that is a dream of mine, I love my lane, I love where I am, I love to learn from other artists and who knows what music can be made when you connect. My EP has no features so I’m looking forward to collaborating in the future. 

    As far as awards, I haven’t thought about that yet. Of course, everyone wants their flowers. I’m still fairly new, so I hope and pray that it comes. Platinum plaques and diamond tracks!


    IW: What do you think of the current music trends?

    DQ: If you listen to my tracks, you know I don’t sound like anyone else. When I drop the EP you gonna see I have a different vibe. I want my music to appeal to everyone so I wouldn’t mind learning how to sing, getting on a drill beat, I’m down to do all of that. Qing trap is what I call my music. 


    IW: Drop a Gem! Any advice for other artists?

    DQ: Stick to your passion. See it through. I know a lot of people want the big houses and the money and artists try to have a sound just to fit in. I personally feel like that one person that’s sticking out, people will pay more attention to. I could do this for free, this is life. Stick to your passion, that’s the key.

    Look out for Diamond Qing’s latest music video “Bluff” and her new EP coming soon!


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