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    ARTIST: G Herbo      PRODUCER: ShoBeatz

    “‘Fore I focused on rap, I was sloppy .40 Glocks used to pop where the opps be.
    Used to drop hollows, now I drop heat.
    If you speakin’ on the ‘Raq, I’m top three.”

    Through experience and the ability to stay conscious within yourself you’ll begin to see the moment you choose to focus up and hone down on what’s important is the moment things start to change. Say your goal is to start getting serious with yourself and what you do. You begin to wake up earlier, eat a little better and make some time to work on what you think is important. You’re in momentum for quiet some time, but once that momentum stops and you go off and put your focus onto other things you begin to feel an imbalance within yourself. It’s almost like your body is telling you “don’t let up” “get back focused” and again once you put all your focus and energy back into what’s important is the moment you see in yourself that true momentum and focus is what creates a better life. Don’t let up on yourself.


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