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    Daily Gems loves to highlight new artists on their continual rise to stardom. Recently we sat down with “Heartbreak” Mosa, Drake’s protege slated to take over the industry. 


    I.W: How did you first get into music? Who were your early inspirations?

    Heartbreak Mosa: My brother is really who got me into music. When we got to high school we started to get into it more. My cousins did it too. I liked listening to music all the time. Everyone knew me and my bro for having early releases. I listen to a lot of different artists: Joey Bad Ass, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Logic and I like a lot of R&B music too, Drake of course.


    I.W: Can you tell us about Jas discovering you?

    H.M: AJ Blackman found me on Instagram in 2017-2018. We linked in 2019 and he introduced me to his cousin, Jas. II spent a few days out in Houston then I went out to L.A. and I stayed at Jas’s house and that’s really where we got introduced. 


    I.W: You recently attended Drake’s invite-only Billboard celebration. What is your relationship like with Drake?

    H.M: It’s something I used to talk about and it all manifested. I used to talk about it with my friends. We would just talk about Drake all the time. It just all came full circle. He’s definitely a mentor to me. The last time we linked up that’s really when he and I really got to connect and have a conversation. I just picked up so much from him and how he moved, how he talked. I was starstruck and he definitely saw it. I had to snap back into character. I just kept it cool; it was a humbling experience. It was unreal being in front of him and we actually had a conversation. He gave me a hug, said he’s proud of me, and asked me about the album.


    I.W: How do you feel your music stands out from current trends and how would you describe your sound?

    H.M: I love everything coming out right now. It’s new, different ideas coming out. I like to keep things genuine, I like getting into the depths of the music. It’s kinda like psychology going in the studio and thinking “how are people gonna think about me saying this line or this one word?” How will It affect their ear? I dig deeper into music.


    I.W: Describe your creative process.

    H.M: I used to punch in a lot and I would just go through my phases just sitting there and thinking of something. I like writing. If I’m out to dinner on my phone I’ll write about something that just happened or a vacation sometimes. I like being out and that’s how the creative process starts: in the moment I catch a feeling and bring it to the studio. One line that describes my whole day. 


    I.W: Drop a Gem!

    H.M: Coming up in anything you wanna appreciate people’s support. Don’t neglect the love you get. People focus on who’s not showing love and they’ll be like “fuck this person he not showing love” you forgetting the dude from South Dakota. Even if it’s one comment, never neglect the love you get. 


    Stream Mosa’s latest project “Heartbreak University” Below:

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