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    Marlon Craft’s new album How We Intended is finally here and it’s absolutely phenomenal. Upholding New York’s hip-hop prominence, the Hell’s Kitchen emcee delivers on seventeen total tracks (including interludes). Sheer consistency of the immaculate organic instrumentation is perfectly aligned with Craft’s flow to create a blissful transitioning experience between each song. The features from Oswin Benjamin, Katori Waker, Chris Rivers & more all hit the mark to create a filler-free musical classic. Sonically there’s a record for anyone’s preference, as Marlon effortlessly dabbles between his underground roots and a more mainstream outlook. Addressing the world’s biggest problems, Marlon unapologetically performs a deep dive to commentate on racial injustice, mental health, addiction, the bureaucracy & corruption in politics, and the resulting anxiety that cripples his inner psyche.

    “When I got into this shi*, I had three general things I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to make impactful music that affected people’s lives for the better and potentially help educate or forward conversations; I wanted to make a living off totally uncompromised art; and I wanted to have the respect of the culture and the people in it whose opinions matter to me. Somehow in the midst of the horrific year that was 2020, I managed to reach a place where those goals have finally become a reality after hard years of work and dedication”Marlon Craft

    Amid the conceptual turbulence, Craft sprinkles an assortment of his usual philosophical gems, such as a demotion of compassion over apathetic ‘strength.’ On the eve of the album’s release, Craft tweeted a heartfelt message detailing the inspiration behind his art, as well as the motivations and clearly defined goals that followed. The quoted paragraph above is an excerpt from that message, which states that How We Intended largely reflects ‘the last lap of the first chapter.’ Humbly thanking everyone that contributed to his success, “Grateful” couldn’t paint a better picture of the artist’s passion for his job and appreciation of his fanbase. Serving as evidence of the masterpiece that Marlon has created, it will require several more spins before I can assert my personal favorites, as each song plays a purpose into the grand scheme of its creation. I will say, however, that “Lot To Give” unquestionably stands out the most, as the single touches the innermost depths of Craft’s conscience. How We Intended fittingly follows Marlon Craft’s debut studio album Funhouse Mirror, which is a flawless body of work in its own right. Listen to the album in full below and be sure to follow Marlon for updates on an upcoming vinyl release!

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