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    Hums is one of Many Masterpieces on Polo Perks Latest Album “Icfm 2”

    Polo Perks is in a league of his own when it comes to his musical style and unique sound. His latest project “Icfm 2” features hit after hit and is a required listen for any true fan of hip-hop.  The full title of Hums is Hums (Harrison and TommytoHotty) to pay homage to the talented producers who created the track. Hums is addictive and takes the listener to another world. The track showcases Polo Perks musicality, versatility, and represents his own interpretation of the harmonizing vocals trend utilized by many artists in hip hop within the last year. The lyrics have emotional undertones that provide contrast to the deep tone of Polo Perks’ voice. Each element within the song adds to the feeling and helps the listener to take in the emotions of the artist. 


    Do yourself a favor and stream Hums below:



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