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    Jay Furr Talks Ambition and West Coast Style

    Jay Furr is a West Coast artist who hails from San Bernardino, California. He is only 18 years old and has managed to demonstrate a trademark style and cool demeanor that has catapulted him into the spotlight. His recent project King Jay Furr is a solid and cohesive record that showcases his ability to stay true to his own sound and adapt to the styles of others. Daily Gems recently sat down with Jay Furr to learn more about his story.

    Isa Wong: Who were some of your influences growing up?

    Jay Furr: As far as Influences — not too many. I just wanted to go out and get some money. Being around people who didn’t have it all made me wanna go get it. There was nobody I really looked up to like that. Growing up I would listen to Chief Keef. I just wanted to do some shit be around my cousin and shit. I’ve been doing music since 14 – 15. When I was like 16 I started noticing it was doing something. I got on Worldstar at 16.

    Growing up I thought I was gonna play football. I was trying to go the sports route. I couldn’t focus on school I was worried about being grown too fast. I was trying to make sure I had money. I would see my friends with money and I wanted to get money. With sports and music you can’t quit. You gotta keep pushing.

    IW: Do you have any goals as an artist?

    JF: Nothing too crazy. I just want everybody to hear the music. I don’t really have a goal. I just want everybody to hear it. I would love to work with Durk or Chief Keef in the future.

    IW: And how do you feel about the current trends in music. How does your style fit into that?

    JF: Everybody going crazy right now. I just rather stick to my shit. I can get on a melodic beat and still sound like me or drill as fast as what everybody is doing. I f*ck with it. I’m one of them. I define my style as Westcoast wordplay, but a Southern selection of beats. I didn’t wanna be like Blueface and Draco but I love melodic sh*t, dark sounds and trap, but I have the word play of someone from Cali. 

    IW: What’s your creative process like?

    JF: I don’t write. All I do is punch in. I just went to the bank, got ten bands from the bank, rap about it. I’m doing whatever I do and write. I don’t try too hard. It doesn’t come out as good. On the spot is better. The engineer comes to the house.

    IW: Drop a Gem! Any Advice for other artists? 

    JF: Stick to yourself be yourself, don’t force nothing, that shit gonna come to you don’t try to rush it.

    Check out Jay Furr’s Single Suicide Below!

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