Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have all been holding their ground as the most popular social media platforms of the past decade, but every now and then an exciting new social app tends to rise up out of the blue. Platforms like Snapchat and TikTok have proven that there is still new ground to be covered in the social media sector, and no other app is currently proving that more than Clubhouse.The invite-only platform is an audio-centric social network, in which users can host and moderate topics on any given topic. Hip-Hop artists like Meek Mill, Joe Budden, and DJ Akademiks have already flocked to Clubhouse and even stirred up a bit of trouble in the process. By essentially putting celebrities and fans in a virtual room together, the app has a direct-to-consumer nature that other social media platforms lack, and as result fans have been able to easily question artists, as seen recently with Tory Lanez, about their thoughts and decisions.