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    Ken Car$on Looks To Be The First To Blow Up Off of Playboi Carti’s Opium Label

    Atlanta has had a tight grip on the music industry for close to a decade now. With artists like Future, Young Thug, 21 Savage, and Playboi Carti leading the charge for the artists coming out of the area. With each of those artists being mogul’s in their own right, we’ve seen them start their own labels to invest in artists they deem have a bright future in the industry. For Future it’s his Freebandz collective, for Young Thug it’s his YSL Records collective, and now for Playboi Carti, we are seeing the development of his Opium collective.

    The details of who’s involved in Opium is still becoming uncovered regarding the artists signed. So far we know artists Ken Car$on, Capo DTE, International Jefe, Lil Unky, and Destroy Lonely are rumored to be apart of the label imprint. So far releases under the label have been slim, but the artist making the biggest noise in the early stages of 2021 has to be Ken Car$on. Sky rocketing off of his EP’s Teen X & Teen X: Relapsed, we get the hard hitting synths and melodic production that can be synonymous with Playboi Carti’s long waited release of Whole Lotta Red. In fact Ken Car$on actually has producing credits on the 4th track, Beno!, on Carti’s album.

    There’s a lot of hype regarding Ken Car$on and it’s well deserved. It’s well known how secretive and intricate Playboi Carti is with his own music, it looks like he’s having the members of his Opium label follow the same blueprint. Only time will tell when they decide to really get the ball moving and create waves within the music industry. I can tell you one thing, collaborations within this group is looking to be next level, culture shifting. Duo’s of Ken Car$on and Destroy Lonely are one of the main collaborations I’m looking forward too in the near future. Hopefully we can hear an Opium collab album soon.

    Be on the look out for more music from Ken Car$on and the rest of the Opium label members in 2021.

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