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    Lil Yachty and Oliver Tree Drop Music Video For “Asshole”

    In most recent memory, Lil Yachty has put forth many of his efforts outside of the realm of music through initiatives such as partnering up with REESE’s PUFFS for a custom cereal box, brewing up his own line of nail polish and creating an Uno-inspired heist film. However, he’s ready to swivel our attention back to his bread and butter as he has just revealed the newest visual for his song “Asshole” that features alt-rock singer Oliver Tree.

    The new single, which appears on the Mableton-born artist’s Lil Boat 3.5 deluxe album, is a rather melodic one and sports elements of pop sensibility. The entire video clocks in at just under three minutes, and essentially tells the story of Oliver Tree — the featured artist, singer of the chorus and director of the visual — trying to purloin one of Lil Boat‘s expensive chains. Throughout the clip, Yachty is seen rocking a bold, all-plaid orange and navy suit with a matching top hat — an outfit that elicits similar emotions to that of Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    After trading trading verse for chorus, the comical video displays the rapper punishing Treeby dragging him away on his motorcycle. Peep the full video here above.

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