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    Maax Sixtie is a Legend In The Making

    Maax Sixtie is next up out of New York. This 17-year old All-Star is on track to be the next rap superstar. With over 200,000 streams, “Thru The Bacc” showcases his perfect flow, hard-hitting lyricism, and high energy. Maax Sixtie is taking drill to the next level and fans are taking notice. His other single “All Eyes On Me” has over 450,000 streams on Spotify without being on any editorial playlists. Maax Sixties organic buzz makes him noteworthy to labels and superfans of hip hop looking to catch on early to a legend in the making.


    The video for the “Thru The Bacc” allows Maax Sixtie’s star quality to show as well as the energy around him as an artist. The aggressive drill sound has been a trend in the industry for the past 2 years and Maax Sixtie has perfected it as a style. “Thru The Bacc” is catchy, lyrical, and leaves listeners wanting more. With a quick flow similar to Lil Baby, Maax Sixtie is creating his own sound that makes him one of a kind in an industry of clones. Look out for the “All Eyes On Me” video dropping May 15th.


    Watch “Thru The Bacc” Below:


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