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    Money Man & MoneyBagg Yo Talk Business On “LLC”

    Money Man made history this week by becoming the first artist to receive his label advance in Bitcoin, accepting the equivalent of $1,000,000 USD in BTC. Over the years, the rapper has stayed true to his name by learning about making smart investments, and the businessman’s latest studio album reflects his journey to this point.Releasing Blockchain on Thursday night, Money Man returned with a thirteen-song full-length project featuring MoneyBagg Yo, Jackboy, and Yung Bleu. The album includes an updated version of the previously released “LLC” with a new verse from Bagg, who closes out the record by floating over the song’s instrumental. After listening to this one, you may find yourself among hundreds of fans asking Money Man and MoneyBagg to release a collaborative project. Clearly, they’ve got strong chemistry and they sound too good together. 

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