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    Kay Rhoma is an up-and-coming artist who was born in Nigeria, grew up in Detroit and currently resides in Houston. The Daily Gems loves to highlight artists with a unique background who put energy and passion into their music. We recently sat down with Kay Rhoma to learn more about his background, how he got started in music, and his sound.


    Isa Wong: Can you tell us about your background and how you got started in music?

    Kay Rhoma: Music has been my thing since I was young. We always had the music playing and we would make raps over beats. In college I recorded in the studio for my first time and since then I’ve been going in. An artist I look up to is Nipsey. I locked in with Nipsey and his DJ, DJ Vip and his manager in like 2015. He was a big inspiration. Knowing he’s from Africa like me was big motivation.

    IW: How do you describe your sound and style as an artist? It sounds like you have some West Coast influence on “Came Up.”

    KR: That’s Detroit sound lowkey on that. That’s the influence on “Came Up”. Most of the time I try to make more conscious records, more about personal feelings and things we go through as people. I used to do a lot of club sh*t but now I tap into myself more. More emotional, more personal records.


    IW: How do you develop your sound? Do you pay attention to trends?

    KR: I just make the music my own way and stick to my own sound. When I make music I don’t listen to a lot of artists. I listen to myself 60-70% of the time. That helps me to keep my sound original. I try not to pay attention to the trends. You shouldn’t try to sound like someone else. Make what you love and bring your own spice to the table. I’m doing it my own way, my own style and I add emotions. 


    IW: What artists influence you when you create music?

    KR: Tupac, 50 cent, Ja Rule, Local Nigeria artists a lot for dance and afro beats. I listen to Akon. Akon was big for me growing up and as I’ve gotten older that’s when people like Nipsey came into play.


    IW: Do you have any dream collaborations with any artists?

    KR: Lil baby, 42 Dugg, people from Detroit, Moneybagg Yo, Polo G. I like my songs on my own sometimes features slow sh*t down. 


    IW: Can you tell us about your creative process?

    KR: I punch in, I write sometimes. For writing, I have to be in a certain mood. I have seasons where I write and seasons when I drop records. I have seasons when I just record and don’t drop anything and seasons when I just drop. Right now we are trying to flood the streets. This month I dropped 3 records, I’m dropping everything with videos. My goal is to have 100 videos on YouTube.


    IW: Drop a Gem! Do you have any advice for Independent artists?

    KR: You have to believe in yourself. I cut everybody off that ain’t believe me. Even the ones that didn’t believe, now they believe. You should keep going. Sh*t is gonna get hard. Life is not easy and that belief is what’s gonna open the door. Sh*t gonna happen that you can’t explain.


    Stream “Came Up” Below:

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