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    Talia Goddess’s Poster Girl: A Figment of her Imagination

    Talia Goddess is a hidden gem that has already earned much of the respect she deserves. She often finds herself singing about her innermost thoughts in a relatable manner, and she is obviously a musician that is not afraid to sing about how she feels. Regardless of her genre’s categorization, she does not limit herself to a collection of just soulful songs and soft vocals; she also finds herself rapping with a unique flow on each of the already complex beats. 

    The Brooklyn bred artist creates a soundtrack for the new-aged Brooklyn, that is reminiscent of the borough’s past, but also conscious of the world in which Talia’s generation inhabits. Her ability to juggle both worlds is showcased poignantly on her newest single, Poster Girl

    Talia on stage at the Poster Girl release party, shot by @cheerskhan

    The anticipated drop of her third single, Poster Girl, comes at an intentional time. The single that she brought to us on August 13th matches the themes of her two previously released songs. The Neo-Soul artist sings about a romantic infatuation with a free-forming flow that ignites the excitement behind the Poster Girl single. The vulnerability behind the lyrics as well as the commanding production invites listeners to yearn for the same interest of the Poster Girl that Talia sings about for just under four minutes. 

    Contrary to the expectations of many, Talia’s youth does not limit consciousness but only enhances her ability to create a current sound that is a marker for Gen-Z’s investment in their own self-care and preservation. As we continue to look for artists that remind us of the past and are going to be here in the future, Talia fulfills this feat with ease. Although categorized as a Neo-Soul artist, I can not imagine putting a limit on the concepts that Talia creates and the audience she attracts. At just 19, she has impressively created her own lane in the quickly moving industry. Be sure to keep up with Talia Goddess on social media, and stream her newest single Poster Girl.

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