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    Queen Naija Teams Up With Ari Lennox for New Single “Set Him Up”

    Emerging R&B artist Queen Naija has returned with a brand new single entitled “Set Him Up” that features Ari Lennox. This newest track serves as one of the five previously unreleased tunes that will show up on missunderstood…still – the deluxe vartiation of Queen Naija’s debut record.

    “I had so much fun recording this song with Ari! We started recording it a while back and I’m excited we were able to come together and get it finished”, the Detroit native states when reflecting on making the new song. “I know a lot of women who have actually realized they’re dating the same guy. We thought ‘Set Him Up’ would provide a fun take on this crazy kind of situation!.”

    On the new 3:40 ballad — which is produced by Boston, Pat McManus and Mike Woods — the two R&B artists first croon about their steamy sex stories with their men. Based off of their details, they come to the conclusion that they have been dating the same guy and immediately discuss a plan of action to get revenge on him.

    If interested in hearing more from Queen Naija, you can expect the missunderstood…still deluxe album officially reelease on April 16, 2021.

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