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    Rich Rillz and Jim Jones show Harlem is Stronger than Ever with Re-Up

    Re-Up is a perfect combination of classic East Coast rap and the cutting edge sound and style that Harlem is known for. The soulful sample used pays homage to classic Dipset songs from the early and mid-2000s. Rich Rillz is able to effortlessly adjust his flow to perfectly fit the track while incorporating his trademark, clever wordplay, and effortless storytelling abilities. Rich Rillz paints a picture and forces listeners to play his verse back multiple times to fully grasp the intricacies hidden in his verses. He’s able to fit the emotion, action, and visuals of a full movie into a few bars and tell a story from his unique point of view. Jim Jones shows the world his sound is timeless and solidifies his position as a legendary artist by bringing a hard-hitting verse with a smooth flow. 


    Stream Re-Up below:

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