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    Rob $tone Reps His Team With “All Nine Innings”

    Rob $tone represents the San Diego Padres with the official team anthem “All Nine Innings.”

    While not quite ubiquitous to merit an entire subgenre — at least, not yet — we’ve certainly been seeing a notable increase in baseball bars. Big K.R.I.T recently delivered “Pick Up The Pace” in honor of MLB: The Show. StreetLife, Method Man, and Havoc’s “Squad Up” became the New York Yankees anthem for the second year in a row. Now, Rob $tone has held it down with “All Nine Innings,” a track that has earned the honor of becoming the official anthem of the San Diego Padres.Musically, the song is a perfect victory vibe, driven by Richie Louie’s triumphant horns and some braggadocious bars from the former baseball player. “This song is special and was exciting for me to write because I really had to take myself back to when I played baseball as a kid to get the vibe!” reflects $tone, in an official statement. “Connecting with the San Diego Padres for this anthem is a dream come true for me. I’m just happy the organization and all of the fans love the record!”

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