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    “Rockstar From the Trenches” shows us Stunna Gambino is Here to Stay

    “Rockstar From the Trenches” is the latest video from Stunna Gambino featuring Bizzy Banks. Both of these young artists have been consistently dropping hit records and are beginning to prove they are more than one-hit wonders or riding the wave of their Instagram fame. “Rockstar From the Trenches” shows the skill of Stunna Gambino whose smooth flow, ability to harmonize along with the track, and clever wordplay are highlighted by the simplicity of the beat. The video matches this simplicity and shows Stunna Gambino isolated in empty scenes with money, guns, and designer clothes. Bizzy Banks’ verse showcases his confidence and style. The video switches during his verse to show the city scene and open up the world created in the earlier scenes. 


    Watch “Rockstar From The Trenches” below:

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