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    Rolling Loud’s Official DJ Five Venoms Sits Down With Daily Gems

    DJ Five Venoms has been Rolling Loud’s official DJ since the first event. We recently sat down with DJ Five Venoms to learn more about how he started as a DJ and his advice to those up and coming in the music industry.

    Isa W. : How did you get your start DJing?

    DJ Five Venoms: As a kid, I used to spend my summers in Virginia. My cousin is a DJ and I used to mess around with his records.  I used to listen to early 90s hip hop. So, early Jay-Z, Mobb Deep, and Nas. My education in hip hop and as a DJ as I become older came from being an assistant for a DJ in Philly. That was how I started DJing clubs and started getting gigs.

    I used to look up to DJ Jazzy Jeff, Kid Capri, DJ Scratch, DJ AM, and a lot of guys that are producers like Premier and those types of guys.


    IW: What do you think of DJs now and how they have transformed?

    DJ F.V: I think it’s different now. DJs were introducing a lot of music and curating what people were listening to on the radio and in clubs. Now it’s the playlists and social media that people use like Instagram, Twitter, Sound Cloud that is how they break songs. Playlists are mixtapes. We used to have Gangsta Grillz, Southern Smoke and now we have Rap Caviar.


    IW: What are you currently working on in terms of music?

    DJ F.V: I have a new single “Look at What I Did” featuring Yak Gotti who is signed to YSL with Young Thug. It’s produced by Pretty Boy Kelsey. I picked the beat and put the song together. I also have Rolling Loud New York in October and I am doing opening sets for Rod Wave’s tour.


    IW: How was your career as a DJ affected by COVID? 

    DJ F.V: Music was an outlet for me during COVID. When everything shut down I did radio mixes. I used Twitch and I worked on my relationships with artists, producers, putting singles together. It was a time for growth.


    IW: How did you become the official DJ for Rolling Loud?

    DJ F.V: By being ready for the opportunity. I met the creators and approached them to ask to DJ for the Orlando show. I did one set and then became house DJ for all the Orlando shows. It turned into me DJing the first festival and from there I just stayed loyal to them and they stayed loyal to me.


    IW: Do you have any advice for people trying to make it in music?

    DJ F.V: In the beginning stages be prepared for the opportunity. Be there for the opportunity. always be in places you want to work in. Do the networking, never slow down, always practice even though you don’t have gigs. Being prepared and on time and being professional are the most important parts. Build relationships by offering things. Being able to serve people and make things mutually beneficial. I was playing music for artists in the club and the artists reciprocated by coming to the club and doing a record for you. Show appreciation for people and hopefully, they show it back.


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