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    Teejayx6, 24hrs & Lex Luger Connect For A Banger

    When it comes to scam raps, Teejayx6 has proven to be among the most direct when it comes to his hustle. Other rappers might offer vague allusions to the illegal activity they partake in but Teejayx6 offers a step-by-step breakdown in the most straightforward manner possible. It’s largely humorous through his comedic storytelling abilities, though it seemed that’s where the line was drawn as far as his artistic endeavors.

    On his latest single, “EDD Baby,” he’s offering a glimpse of a more commercial-friendly side without compromising his M.O.. With assistance from 24Hrs and production from Lex Luger, Teejayx6 turns the auto-tune on while he reflects on the ins and outs of his hustle and the potential dangers that arise while on the job.


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