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    ARTIST: Bino Rideaux     PRODUCER: Jay Millian


    “Had to get right on my own too like I’m ‘posed to.”

    Although we have a higher source we do have the responsibility to excel forward in our lives by our own strength and power. This means that even with you praying about it and even if you’ve written down your game plan and have seen it all the way through, it is up to you to decide on whether or not you will take action day by day and plant those necessary seeds. Ask yourself: are you aligned with your purpose on a daily basis? Are you doing everything that you were called to do? In due time everything comes by what you decide to do today,  at this moment. You shall ask and you shall receive, but it is necessary to do all the in between work as well. Be satisfied and content with what you’ve harvested. If you aren’t where you need to be take the time to be real with yourself and see what is it that you aren’t doing in order for you to keep priorities straight because on the real side of things the things you do not see that you feel like is something that is truly your purpose can fall short due to you falling short on your responsibilities. It all works together, truly.


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