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    Trae Tha Truth and Mysonne Sit Down With Daily Gems

    Daily Gems had the pleasure of speaking with Mysonne and Trae Tha Truth about their latest project “If You’re Scared Stay Inside” This project is a necessary ode to the trauma we all experienced throughout 2020. Touching on a range of topics from inner strength to injustice in America, “If You’re Scared Stay Inside” provides a way for listeners to process the emotions of the past year in a series of well-crafted tracks.

    Isa Wong: Can you tell us about how you got into making music and some of your influences?

    Mysonne: I’ve been doing this for a long time. I came up in the 80s so Kool G Rap, Rakim, Scarface, Big Daddy Kane. I’m a child of hip hop in the late 80s. I enjoyed the way that Hip Hop told a story and how we navigated what we were dealing with coming up.

    IW: How do you feel the landscape of music has changed over time? What are your thoughts on drill music as a movement within hip hop?

    Mysonne: There’s a void in music. People talk about anything or nothing at all; it’s just about beats or nothing at all. We come from an era of substance where an album was a project. A cohesive unit. A complete thought that showed you who the artist was how they felt. It made you go through different emotions. Music is a reflection of self and a reflection of the culture. I love all types of music. I love the music now. Hip hop is an expression of what’s going on in the community. Look at the mindset of the kids who make it. The music tells us what’s going on with the kids in Chicago and Brooklyn. They are going through things that need to be addressed and expressing their pain. We need to focus on the sickness and not the symptoms of the sickness.

    Trae: These rappers are all my little bros so I’m always gonna support what they’re doing. The good thing is we’re coming from a place that we’re able to relate to and guide them at the same time. Music is still gonna be music. Street music is music. I don’t blame music for what goes on. Movies are worse than music and we still love them and don’t blame them for what goes on. I try to help and I salute them for doing their thing. I salute anybody hustling to make a better situation for them and their family.

    IW: “If You’re Scared Stay Inside” is a project that sounds like advice directed toward younger generations. Was that intentional? What were some of your motivations to create the project?

    Mysonne: This project is a testament to who we are. We’re the big homies. If we’re gonna have a conversation with you, we know what you’ve been through and we’re trying to give you a way to navigate through. When you become a certain age you don’t wanna blend in with the kids. We wanted to show our understanding because we identify with what the youth are going through. We went through the same thing and we want to give some free game.

    IW: There are a lot of great features on this album including “Time for Change” which features T.I, David Banner, Anthony Hamilton, and many more legendary artists. Can you tell us more about how this record came together and your influence behind the project overall?

    Trae: It was a record that was needed at the time. Back in the day, we had “Self Destruction” and this is a modern-day version. Everybody who played a part in the community and protests we reached out to them. This is a historic record and it was definitely needed with everything that was going on. The inspiration behind the project is life. My reason for doing music is to have a way to vent. So, I’m only telling what I’m experiencing. I’m not trying to paint a picture of what I’m not living. I can be creative but it wouldn’t be me. Living in Kentucky during the protest inspired the project and fighting for Breonna Taylor. This project is for the culture and something that was needed. It’s us. Who we are, what we are going through, what we came through, what’s needed for the culture to have someone to speak up for the people.

    Mysonne: We’re not trying to drop a million-dollar project and go platinum. We just combined our passion with our purpose. Trae got 600 albums worth of music that’s unreleased so this is something we would do for nothing. We just wanna give it to the people. This is from our soul. We want a way to package what we were feeling when we were in Kentucky fighting for Breonna. We gave this from our heart. We were documenting emotions and what we were feeling at the time. This project shows different sides. It’s introspective, some of it is us rapping, having a good time. We are talking to the youth and at the same time expressing our own pain and what we go through.

    IW: We all have seen the work you have done helping everyone affected by the disaster in Texas. Can you tell us about Relief Gang?

    Trae: The goal of Relief Gang is to give back. My slogan is “I Made it Cool to Give Back”. Out here some of the most terrifying people are the ones giving back. Now the young people can see that and feel inspired to give back too. I never rely on people or wait for people to help. We just go where people need us and just get it done regardless.

    IW: Do you have any advice for up-and-coming independent artists to help them stay inspired?

    Trae: Just gotta keep pushing and doing you. Just keep doing you and what you believe in and you’ll get there.

    Mysonne: Just be you all the time. Be authentic. People are gonna gravitate to you when they see you’re authentic. It draws people in. Be comfortable and do thing according to who you are.

    Stream “If You’re Scared Stay Inside” Now Available on All Platforms

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