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    UFO Fev & Vanderslice Worked Overtime With Flee Lord On “Crack Shifts”

    “Crack Shifts” is the raw new single from the duo of UFO Fev & Vanderslice, who are gearing up to drop their collaborative album, “Enigma of Dalì”. Fev heats up the mic as he spits head-turning bars like “My flow is a schedule 1” alongside Flee Lord, who rocks a menacing 16. As for Slice, he’s right at home crafting an absolute banger to suit his rhyming counterparts. The hard-hitting track is a perfect sample of the energy you’ll get from both Fev & Slice on their upcoming collab LP. Stay tuned for more info and updates on the release of Enigma Of Dali, and in the meantime, head over to your preferred digital retailer or streaming platform to support.

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