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    WS Boogie Slides Back With More Bars In “Do 4 Love”

    Westside Boogie continues to deliver the goods with another slick freestyle, this one titled “Do 4 Love.”

    Though Everything’s For Sale offered up a healthy dose of grown-man introspection, Westside Boogie appears to be back on his BS — and loving it, for that matter. Following back to back freestyle drops, the most recent being a clinical performance over Moneybagg Yo’s “Said Sum” instrumental, Boogie has come through to deliver another new preview of what he’s been cooking up. This time, he’s dropping off “Do 4 Love,” another west-coast inspired banger befitting of his Compton roots, fueled by a bouncy bassline and shuffling drumline.One thing that really stands out here is his flow, and Boogie lets fly an uninterrupted verse revisiting themes explored on his previous album. Yet where Everything was generally contemplative in nature, Boogie’s new drop comes heavy on the charisma. “You still love giving me your demonstration,” he spits. “She said that she don’t fuck with Boogie — she discriminating / somebody instigating.” At this point, WS Boogie’s sophomoric Shady Records release is shaping up to be one of the year’s best-kept secrets. Keep an eye out for more details, and at this rate, more freestyles.

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